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Welcome to your Atlanta circumcision resource


Here you can learn everything that you need to know about traditional Jewish circumcision, and book an at-home appointment with your mohel, Rabbi Abi Nadoff

If you're a Jewish man and sport a circumcision, you're already a card carrying member of the people with the most epic story in the world. Being a true part of this people means honoring the rite of circumcision - a hidden, yet awesome symbol of the Jewish bond with God.


A Father’s Rite


Traditionally, fathers are charged in performing the circumcision on their sons. In most cases, due to the specialty requirements, a professional is hired. (If this was never done, men  should ensure they are circumcised themselves.)


Despite the intensity of this command, our connection to Judaism is so deep that many Jews who are otherwise non-observant will make an effort to uphold the rite of Jewish circumcision.


That's why many Jews who are unaffiliated will do this using a doctor in a hospital. While they do get a circumcision, they miss the Bris.


The Bris Experience


Spiritually, the bris is the Jewish sign of the covenant made between our father Abraham and God. What you will experience is that the bris is a priceless occasion.  


Imagine this scene, which has occurred millions of times in Jewish communities for thousands of years: You see your beautiful son carried to his bris on a white pillow. He is placed gently on the knees of his Grandfather, or a revered friend, who is seated on a throne of honor. You recite the sacred ancient prayer devised by Jewish prophets that will bring your precious son under the eternal protection of the Jewish covenant.    


This is not a cold, hospital room procedure.


It is the culmination of the gift of Jewish life. Your life. The bris is the perfect time to renew yourself and your family. To commit to raise your child with a sacred mission that only the Jewish people can fulfill: to live in the footsteps of Abraham, the master of loving kindness and Godly devotion.


Even for a single day.


No matter your religious observance - when it comes to the bris of your son - for a window in time you may feel an inner yearning to unite with your Jewish soul.  


If that sounds like you just call me. Even if you're far away from any center of traditional Jewish life, I'll answer all of your questions. And if you choose, we can find a way to create a beautiful and moving experience that will honor the sanctity of your Jewish child.


Call me at: 412-508-0914

What Is a Mohel?


Mohel literally means Circumciser. As a mohel, I perform traditional Jewish's the calling of a medical specialist and a rabbi wrapped in one. My number one job is to ensure the health and well-being of your son.


I first determine if he is well enough to have his circumcision, and in some ways I proceed more cautiously than is common in the medical community. When the time is right, I perform your son’s circumcision with perfect surgical technique and esthetic eye.

My next job is to ensure that you feel good about your choice. We will work together. I will inform you of every detail of the procedure both according to current medical knowledge and timeless Jewish law.

Your Guide in the Circumcision Ceremony

During the circumcision, I will prepare you for everything that you need to do, so you will be a true part of the experience. You can say the blessings, honor your family and friends during the bris, and even hold your son for most of the process.


Rest assured that circumcision is a deeply honored and moving ceremony, which has been a beloved part of daily life for millions of Jews over thousands of years, and continues to be so today. Wander the Jewish neighborhoods of New York or Jerusalem, and every morning you will find a community celebrating the birth of another Jewish life with the unbroken tradition of circumcision.


Why Simple?


First, as the mohel, I’m taking care of everything. That means you only have to bring your baby.


As noted above, the traditional Jewish bris isn’t a hospital procedure, it’s a communal event. I want you to experience this beautiful connection to your Judaism in a place that is important to you, such as in your home or your synagogue, with your loved ones and friends.

I will ensure that everything is handled perfectly. (Except the food!)

Call me at: 412-508-0914

How To Plan


When Does the Bris Happen?


After the birth of your baby boy so much is happening that it's easy to lose track of time.


But you only have eight days to plan! Not a lot of time when you consider everything that has to happen.


Day one is the first day of your child's life, which means the eighth day will be the same weekday that he was born. A Sunday birth means a Sunday bris. Unless the birth was at night. Because Jewish days begin at night, a Sunday evening birth means the bris will be on the following Monday morning.  


Why the morning?


According to Jewish law, it's best to have the ceremony at the correct time, which is some point during the eighth day. Ideally we perform the bris as early as possible, immediately after the daily morning davening (prayer).


Where Does it Happen?


The traditional place for a bris is in the synagogue. This is both natural, because it follows the daily service, and holy, because the Torah is kept in the synagogue and it's a space that is filled with the Divine Presence due to the powerful nature of Jewish prayer.


Despite the compelling reasons for conducting a bris within the sanctity of a synagogue, as a rule it can be performed in many other locations, such as a private home, community center or even an assisted living center.


We can work to help your family attend by carefully selecting the best location.      

What If My Baby Isn't Well?


There a few common symptoms that warrant the bris be postponed.

It's important for your doctor to verify your son's health prior to the circumcision. This is also something that I will do when I visit your baby in the days prior to the bris.

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